Battery Chargers

Mastervolt battery chargers: A long life for your battery!    

You want to charge your batteries safely, reliably and quickly, even if the grid power is of low quality. You also value batteries that have a long lifespan while maintaining their capacity. Mastervolt offers you the best possible solution. 

The Mastervolt 3-step+ charging method ensures more power and a longer life for your batteries. Our battery chargers integrate multiple functions, charging your battery safely and completely even when they are depleted. Fast battery charging is guaranteed by the efficient use of the available grid or generator power (all Mastervolt battery chargers have a power factor correction). 

Which Mastervolt battery charger best meets your needs?

Mastervolt offers four types of battery chargers:

Mass: For the tougher tasks in professional and semi-professional situations. With its integrated alarm functions and various certificates, the Mass is the best choice for professionals.

ChargeMaster: The ChargeMaster is suitable for recreational and semi-professional use. Easy to install, it includes a detailed display and easy three-button controls. The ChargeMaster safely charges multiple battery banks at the same time.

EasyCharge: Entry level model with proven Mastervolt 3-step+ charge characteristic, in a waterproof epoxy-filled, non-corrosive enclosure.

EasyCharge Portable: For people on the move, the portable version offers a rugged solution that can be used everywhere.


Choosing your battery charger


  • How many battery banks do I want to charge?
  • The battery charger must have the same voltage as the battery bank.
  • Rule of thumb is that 25% of the battery capacity as a charge capacity is sufficient to safely and quickly charge batteries while still supplying power to the consumers (for instance, a battery charger of 50 Amps is sufficient for a 200 Ah battery). Increase up to 50% for Mastervolt gel batteries and 100% for Mastervolt Lithium Ion batteries for faster charging.