The intelligent simplicity of MasterBus

The advanced functions of custom made systems are now within easy reach thanks to the MasterBus platform (single communication protocol with high-speed CANbus technology). The intelligent, one-cable MasterBus network greatly simplifies wiring, saving you valuable space and weight. Additionally, you can automate and customise your system to meet all your requirements.

The wide range of interfaces and modules allows you to connect any equipment you wish to your MasterBus system and manage, monitor or operate it locally, centrally or even from your home. Thanks to galvanic isolation, nearly all devices can supply power to the MasterBus, ensuring a safe and stable network.

Professional perspective

MasterBus also makes life easier for designers, builders and installers of power systems with less material, less work, less fuss and an easy testing method. Moreover, it is available in ten languages and offers the same user interface for all (Mastervolt) products, such as battery chargers, inverters, Combis, batteries or other devices. All control panels have an identical layout, with or without PC software.

Easy maintenance

Replacing a component can often lead to complex configuration problems. Not with Mastervolt: The MasterBus network ‘recognises’ any replacement directly and automatically asks whether you want to keep the same or change your configuration. You stay well informed and with everything under control.