Monitor & control your MasterBus network

Fast and clear information about your onboard electrical system is vital. Usually multiple panels are required to read the details of an expansive electrical system, and the interpretation of these panels and how they relate to one another is left to the user. Mastervolt puts an end to this undesirable situation with its intelligent MasterView panels.

Multifunctional touch screen remote panel: MasterView Easy 

This multifunctional display can monitor every MasterBus product. Connected to the MasterShunt it functions as a battery monitor; connected to the generator as a generator panel. These and other functions can also take place simultaneously and you can create a favourites page showing all your main information.

The smartest solution: MasterView System

Mastervolt‘s intelligent MasterView System brings an end to cluttered, unclear and excessive information. The system is based on our in-house developed software combined with a user-friendly 10.4-inch colour touch screen. The simple yet brilliant set-up of the MasterView System intelligently connects all the power sources and loads via the MasterBus. It provides all information you need on your electrical system in one clear overview on an organised, intuitively operated panel.