Below is a list of Eaton MCCBs we currently hold - we will not have any more stock of these items or the range in the future

Simply send us a Product Enquiry (below) for stock levels and pricing - bulk pricing available

  • GJK3200KSG - 3P 200A 40kA
  • GJS305032G - 3P 50A  40kA
  • GJS3100AAM - 3P 100A 40kA
  • GJS3125AAM - 3P 125A 40kA
  • GJS3160AAM - 3P 160A 40kA
  • GJS3200AAM - 3P 200A 40kA
  • GJS3250AAM - 3P 250A 40kA
  • GLS3250AAM - 3P 250A 50kA
  • GLS3400AAM - 3P 400A 50kA


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