VLT® Soft Start Controller MCD 100

MCD 100 is a cost effective and extremely compact soft starter for AC motors up to 11 kW, due to a unique semiconductor design.

MCD 100 is a true “fit and forget” product.Selection can be made on the basis of the motor power – exactly as with traditional contactors.

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Product range:

1.5 kW (MCD 100-001)

7.5 kW (MCD 100-007)

11 kW (MCD 100-011)

All sizes are rated for line voltage up to 600 V AC.

Main features:

  • MCD 100 products provide timed voltage ramp up and down.
  • Ramp time can be individually adjusted with rotary switches from 0.4 to 10 seconds.
  • The start torque can be adjusted from 0 to 85% of the direct on-line torque.

Main benefits

  • A robust semiconductor design – selection can be based on motor power which ensures easy selection.Can be used for an almost unlimited number of starts per hour without derating.
  • A universal control voltage (24-480 V AC / V DC) – simplifies selection and keeps stock at a minimum.A “fit and forget” contactor design – simplifies installation and reduces required panel space. Digitally controlled rotary switches – secure precise settings and simplify installation.

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