Loadbank 250 MCCB Panel Board

Loadbank 250 modular enclosure system is engineered to provide unrivalled flexibility and build simplicity needed to produce a wide range of power distribution solutions. TP&N busbars of 400A and 800A comprising of three sizes of 6, 12, 18 TP outgoing ways allow installers to cover a multitude of commercial and industrial applications.

Featuring circuit breakers from 16A to 400A to be fitted as outgoing circuits, integral MCB distribution boards, contactors, timers complemented by a new range of incoming and outgoing metering facilities completes the Loadbank 250 panel board range.

Key features

  • Busbars rated at 400A and 800A
  • Busbars ASTA certified at 36kA for 1 sec (400A) and 50kA for 1 second (800A)
  • 6, 12, 18 (Form 3b) 6 and 10 (Form4) outgoing ways
  • Form 3b and 4
  • Common width (750mm) and depth (200mm) for all enclosures
  • Integral surge protection and metering facilities available


  • Panel boards IEC, EN, BS 61439-2
  • MCCBs IEC, EN, BS 60947-2

Loadbank 125, 200 and 250 Brochure

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