Greenville are the appointed UK & Ireland Distributor for FUSS-EMV.  Fuss are a high quality German company who manufacture a comprehensive range of filters for various applications.

Their range includes Line Filters for 3 phase drive systems, motor choke, Du/Dt filters, Sine Wave filters & All Pole Sine Wave filters for the outputs in electrical drive systems.

Fuss also offer a 50A Active Harmonic filter which can be paralleled up to 4 units giving 200A of correction and a 100A High End Active filters for use in Industrial & computer environment.

Also available is the FUSS ISUVOC 100+WKA which is a voltage controlled Active Filter for the use in the Wind Energy Generation to ensure the quality of the power being generated into the grid.

FUSS manufacture filters for use on the DC supply side of solar arrays and also produce filters for use in electric vehicles which negates the use of screened cable on the battery connections.