Danfoss Drives Service Meeting

We spent three days discussing "Data is Power" with DrivePro® Partners.

Danfoss Drives European Service Meeting in Hamburg

It was great to see everyone in Hamburg at the Danfoss Drives European Service Meeting.

We spent three days discussing "Data is Power" with DrivePro® Partners.

Did you know?

By 2025, every person in the developed world will have at least one interaction with a data centre every 18 seconds of their lifetime.

Our demand for internet and smart technology is increasing rapidly.

The above statistic highlights that our demand for internet services in the near future will be huge.

Power usage within the information industry also is growing rapidly.

It is vital that we reduce electricity use in data centres and implement more efficient energy solutions to create data centre sustainability and cut CO2 emissions.

Thanks to Ian Atkinson, Martijn Gorlee, Dan Filtenborg, Michael Mairone, Leena Abraham, Riccardo Melotti, Jacob Lindkvist Nielsen, Sherzon Nizamov, Fernando Rejas, Alexander Bladowski, Sherzod Nizamov, Javier Domenech Perales, Antonella Borzilleri, Thomas Rask, René Gabriel, Håkan Lidell, Mats Jansson, Gunter Schwarz, Wayne McDowall, Steven Brown, Ross McCleary and Nathan McCausland.

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