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Hach Addista Mixed-Parameter Standard, NIST, Wastewater, Low Range LCA721

Addista Mixed-Parameter Standard, NIST, Wastewater, Low Range Mixed-Parameter quality control standard for wastewater parameters, low range. Components of the standard solution (with the exception of ammonium) are traceable to SRM from NIST. Applicable for the cuvette tests - LCI500 COD (ISO 15705 formulation), 0-150 mg/L O2 - APC500 COD (ISO 15705 formulation), 0-150 mg/L O2 - APC314, LCK314 COD, 15-150 mg/L O2 - APC304, LCK304 Ammonium, 0.015-2.0 mg/L NH4-N - APC138, LCK138 Total Nitrogen, 1-16 mg/L TNb - APC339, LCK339 Nitrate, 0.23-13.5 mg/L NO3-N - APC349, LCK349 Phosphate, 0.05-1.5 mg/L PO4-P Confidence in your results Less complexity Less error sources Platform: LCA Storage conditions: 2 - 8 °C (keep refrigerated) Confidence in your results Continuous documentation of Analytical Quality Assurance measures using the Addista system substantiates the correctness of your water testing results. Less complexity Each Addista standard solution contains several parameters. This reduces the number of bottles with single parameter standards in your lab significantly. Less error sources The Addista solutions are ready-to use with Hach’s LCK cuvette test. Since there is no dilution needed this allows less hands-on-time and eliminates an additional error source when analysing standard solutions. £95.02
Short Code: LCA721

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