NONFIRNO Duct Seal (The Rapid Sealing System)

NOFIRNO silicone based sealant used for providing new duct seals or maintaining existing seals when adding or removing cables. It can be used in Exchange Cable Chambers and serving manholes, commercial premises and MDUs with services cupboards or central risers.

Watertight and gastight protection

A simple and long term solution designed for sealing cable ducts and building entries against ingress of water, gas or flooding. The system is used extensively across the utilities and construction sectors to protect electrical substations, equipment rooms and cabinets, wind turbines and critical infrastructure.


• Provides flood protection and prevents gas ingress

• Fire rated version available certified to BS EN1366-3

• Quick and easy to install in both horizontal & vertical ducts

• Age tested to prove 50 years of sealing protection

• A cost effective Totex solution

• Easy re-entry for adding, removing or replacing cables

• Suitable for trefoil and large power cables and provides long term cable support

• Installed in any sized or shaped opening

• Prevents rodent ingress

• Resistant to submersion in Petrol and Diesel

• Resistant to Methane, Hydrogen Sulphide and Chlorine

• Ensures WIMES, APEA, ATEX & DSEAR compliance
Short Code: NONFIRNO/100MM

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