ODADB300399 4000x4000

Schneider Cable passage IP65 w/o connectors, 29 entries. NSYTSA2429SE

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Cable passage IP65 w/o connectors, 29 entries..Label:Spacial CRN-range:Spacial-quantity per set:set of 1-product or component type:quick entrance plate-accessory / separate part category:cable management accessory-device application:multi-purpose-range compatibility:{"1":"2018-04-13 04:17:01","2":"2018-04-13 04:17:01","3":"2018-04-13 04:17:01","4":"2018-04-13 04:17:01","5":"2018-04-13 04:17:01","6":"2018-04-13 04:17:01","7":"2018-04-13 04:17:01","8":"2018-04-13 04:17:01","9":"2018-04-13 04:17:01"}-device composition:{"1":"2018-04-13 04:17:01","2":"2018-04-13 04:17:01"}-Range Presentation:A resistant enclosure sheet steel enclosure

- Wide range of sizes : from 200X200X150 to 1400X1000X300. - Degree of protection : IP 66 for all single door enclosures, IP 55 for double door enclosures. - External mechanical impact resistance: IK 10 for enclosures with plain door, IK 08 for enclosures with glazed door. - Paint finish : colour grey RAL 7035. - Certifications : EN 62208 (LCIE), UL, CUL, BV, DNV, LR, GL. - A complete range of accessories to answer to all applications.-Range Benefits:Your ideal universal enclosure easy to work with !

- Global approach universal enclosure with dedicated accessories regarding the application (automatism, electrical distribution, electronic and network). - IP66 enclosure for single door, IP55 for double door. - IK10 for plain door and IK08 for glazed door. - 2 products : CRN and CNRG enclosure (CRNG for big dimensions).CRN and CRNG are :

- Smart : Door easily removable and reversible , 120° opening, 2 closure points from height 600 mm. Maximum loading: 50 kg/m2. Polyurethane seal. - Smart : hinges easily released and captive for easier door removal and door reversal. - Wide choice of inserts to equip the door. - Secure : welded studs for earth welded on door and body. - Easy to work with : 4 welded back studs shouldered 10mm to mount chassis. - Choice : plain chassis, silk-screened chassis, micro perforated chassis, telequick perforated chassis symmetrical chassis, steel cable gland plate, insulated cable gland plate with knock-outs cable gland plate prepared to receive membranes. - Durable : Epoxy polyester coating, polyurethane seal to guarantee water tightness for years. - Attractive : paint polyester colour RAL 7035.

- CRNG :

- 3 point lock enclosure.

- Aesthetic similar to CRN enclosure.

- double door version (IP55). And also...

- Choice : plain door or glazed door. - Time saving : 56 dimensions ( 39 for CRN and 17 for CRNG) with or without plain chassis (CRNG in customized business), - Wide range of accessories to fit to all applications...-Range Application Presentation:

- Industrial automation and industrial control

Plain chassis, micro-perforated chassis, perforated chassis ...

- Electrical distribution

Modular chassis (steel and insulated) from 24 modules to 234 modules.

- Electronics and Industrial Networks

19'' fixed or swing frame

Short Code: NSYTSA2429SE

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