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CLIP IN MARKING STRIP, 5MM, 10 CHARACTERS 21 TO 30, PRINTED HORIZONTA.Label:Linergy TR terminals blocks-range of product:Linergy-marking:21...30-size:5 mm-quantity per set:set of 10-product name:Linergy TR-range:Linergy-product or component type:marking strip-device short name:TRA-accessory / separate part category:marking accessory-product compatibility:terminal block-background colour:white-Range Presentation:The complete range of Linergy TR, DIN rail Terminal blocks brings simplicity of use in your installation

· Linergy TRR Spring terminal blocks: fast and easy solution with high vibration resistance and extensive accessories range

· Linergy TRV Screw terminal blocks: Terminal blocks solution that suits the widest range of applications, with extended range of functions, wide connection cross-section range and components known and used worldwide over many years

· Linergy TRP push-in terminal blocks: When you need a connection technology that is quick and innovative, with fast installation and vibration and shock resistance

Accessories for Linergy TR terminal blocks

An uniform range of accessories for all connection technologies is available. Bridging, labelling and test accessories are standardised and help you to reduce logistics costs.-Range Benefits:The perfect connection systems for your enclosures, cubicles and boxes built to perform and last

Linergy TR terminal blocks are designed to ensure easy and fast installations, while providing the reliable performance you expect from a top-quality terminal block.

All Linergy TR terminal blocks are engineered to provide firm connections and vibration resistance, plus they are manufacture from tough, heat-resistant material to ensure a long service life.

Main benefits:

- Fast and easy installation - Multiple connection options - International standards and RoHS compliance - Plug-in bridge for all technologies - Push-in connection is 50% faster than screw connection-Range Application Presentation:Linergy TR Terminal blocks are ideal wherever it is an industrial process or wherever energy is used in extraction, generation, transmission or distribution processes.

Designed to be used inside functional and universal switchboards like:

- Spacial enclosures SF, SM, S3D and SBM industrial boxes - Thalassa enclosures PLM, PLA as well as TBP and TBS insulating boxes - Prisma enclosures

Short Code: NSYTRAB530

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